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Q&A with Joanna Nicola, Founder & CEO of Tocu

Q&A with Joanna Nicola, Founder & CEO of Tocu

We spoke with Founder and entrepreneur Joanna Nicola about her inspirations and motivations behind TOCU.

What was your inspiration behind the creation of TOCU Health?
As I have suffered from Celiac disease for many years, I realised I couldn’t absorb supplements in a capsule form very well. I tried other patches that really made a difference so I decided to create my own. In the middle of the first lockdown, I was pregnant and was experiencing horrendous anxiety. I was desperate to find natural supplements to help me feel better and developing these patches really helped. After I had my son, the patches helped me get back on track with my immune system, anxiety and general well being. I am extremely passionate about helping people feel their best so it was an easy decision to create these products!

We know that natural ingredients are super important to you. What was that process like, and how did you choose them?
I wanted a range that would help lots of different people - it had to be applicable to each individual need of any customer. Goal Getter has Ginko Biloba to help reduce stress and anxiety, L Carnitine which helps brain function and magnesium which has such a broad spectrum of health benefits. Each patch has something different. It was important that we harnessed a blend of different vitamins for each patch.

What made you choose the natural route with the ingredients?
I have always preferred natural ingredients due to having access to more information about what you are putting in your body. Also, I always try to eat as healthy as possible. Health and wellness is my passion.

Why vitamin patches, and not supplements?
Supplements in tablet and capsule form have to be broken down in your digestive system. If your gut is not very healthy then this will be hard for it to do. This then results in difficulties absorbing nutrients also. Patches are great because they are absorbed straight into your bloodstream through the skin so it doesn’t need to bypass the liver or the stomach. This is perfect for people who have issues in their gut (Celiac, Crohns etc).

Do you have any teasers for new patches?
Right now, we have a good selection of patches. From reducing anxiety, to menopausal symptom relief and sleep control. However, right now we are currently working on a very cool Energy patch that will be launching very soon!

What was your favourite patch to launch so far? The most special one in your eyes? My favourite is Goal Getter. It helps me through the day and really does help me focus on juggling kids, work and everything else.